Water flossers in India an alternate to floss

oracura smart water flosser

Written by Dr. Krupa Patil

November 9, 2021

Everyone looks towards a good smile and take up various measures to bring that in action. Having a great smile starts by maintaining oral hygiene. American Dental Association recommends individuals to brush twice daily for two minutes. Along with brushing other measures should be taken up, which are flossing, tongue cleaner which reduces the number of micro-organisms in the oral cavity. 

Poor oral hygiene has an overall impact on life as it can lead to tooth cavities, gum disease, bad breath and lastly loss of teeth. Brushing your teeth daily is beneficial but the bristles of toothbrushes does not necessarily reach sufficiently in between the teeth. To reach the spaces between the teeth, floss can be used. It can be string floss or a water flosser can be used. 

Why switch to water flossers?

Water flosser is a type of a floss which uses pressurised water jet in pulses to remove plaque and remaining debris from between teeth spaces. This water flosser is beneficial to individuals’ who wear braces, fixed crowns or person suffering from arthritis. Water flossers are a hassle free way of flossing your teeth in comparison to traditional floss threads. You just cannot go wrong with water flossers.

Traditional ways of flossing your teeth with floss threads and flosspicks can cause bleeding and tearing of the gums. Hence one must learn to floss using the right technique with these. But water flossers are a no-brainer.

Water flosser is advantageous for reaching places that are harder to reach within the oral cavity. For an effective result, the tip of the water flosser should be held at 90 degrees at the gum line and usually started from the back tooth to the front tooth. Different levels are available on the water flosser for the user which they can set according to their liking. 

Top dental water flossers you can try your hands on

The top dental water flossers available in India are:

  1. Caresmith Professional Cordless oral flosser
  2. Oracura Smart Water flosser
  3. Waterpik Water flosser
  4. Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Water flosser
  5. Dr. Trust Electric Power Water flosser


This water flosser is available with three modes for flossing, they are Normal, Soft and Pulse modes. The rotatable tip allows easy cleaning of the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Caresmith professional water flosser is waterproof and protects the user when using under running water. It has a good battery life which runs for 10-12 days when once fully charged.  Charger having a USB port is beneficial to the user to charge the water flosser conveniently. The cordless, compact and lightweight has made the water flosser very portable. It is FDA approved and comes with a one-year warranty on the unit.



This is an easy and effective water flosser that removes plaque and remaining food particles from tight spaces between the teeth. This helps to effectively improve the overall health of the individual’s oral cavity. Most handy for individuals with braces, dental implants or fixed prosthesis. It has a portable charger that can stay charged for 10-15 days by charging for a short span of time. This water flosser occupies less space and is clutter-free.

Oracura smart water flosser is travel-friendly and comes in two different color coded tips. According to the liking of the user, they can change the mode of the water flosser. With the availability of 0.6mm water jet spray, it easily removes plaque and remaining food particles, while on the other hand, the pulsating mode massages the gums making them healthier. 

oracura smart water flosser


The waterpik water flosser is available with 3 water flossing tips, In-Handle dual pressure control, and one year warranty. Using this water flosser removes almost 99.99% of plaque from the surface of the tooth. It helps to massage the gums and thereby makes them healthier and have a better oral hygiene by reaching places where it’s hard for the brush to reach. This water flosser is waterproof and can be used in the shower. It great for individuals who have braces, dental implants and prosthesis in their oral cavity. This cordless water flosser, leaves the user with clean, fresh oral cavity. 

waterpik water flosser


Philips sonic care airfloss has air and micro-droplet technology which has clinical proven to reach areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach. It combines air and water for the effective removal of plaque and food debris. With its triple burst customizable settings, it is possible for the water jet of this sonic care to reach tight spaces of the teeth. The new nozzle of this water flosser amplifies the power of air and water droplet technology to be more effective and efficient then ever. For a daily confidence of a good smile, just fill the reservoir with lukewarm water or mouthwash, then point and press. The ultimate result using with a mouthwash is fresh experience and anti-microbial benefits.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Water flosser


This flosser comes with a multiple pressure setting for a customized setting for a better experience. The control panel has three pressure operating modes with LED indications, the three modes available are normal, soft and pulsating for strong and healthy teeth. This water flosser emits a water stream that is almost 0.6mm in diameter which is efficient enough to remove plaque between the interdental spaces. A timer of 2 minutes is pre-installed, it activates after every 30 secs or a short pause when you move it to floss on the other half of the teeth quadrant. The flosser turn itself off when the timer is over. 

Dr. Trust Electric Power Water flosser


For a better oral experience, it is advised to use a water flosser along with brushing twice a day. Traditional ways of flossing using a floss thread and flosspicks can be done once daily. Along with this, an individual should also visit a dentist at 6 months interval for an up-to-date oral cavity. Just using a water flosser won’t give results as expected by the user, therefore other oral cavity cleaning aids should be used daily.

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Author Bio: Krupa Patil is currently working as an intern in School of Dental Sciences, KIMSDU, Karad. She has been nominated for the Pierre Fauchard Award from School of Dental Sciences. She has one article published in a journal which is PubMed indexed and currently working on one patent and two design patents. 4 copyrights are also present under name. She has a hobby of reading, writing about different aspects of dentistry and is a vivid traveler. She continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and latest technology is being considered or used.

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