Save your teeth while binging on sweets during Christmas

December 18, 2018

With Christmas just around the corner, everybody is busy enjoying festive delicacies. From young to adult, everyone is preparing for Christmas trees, decorations, santa costumes, carols, favorite candy, and plum cake. But have you ever noticed that ignorance of a single day may cause a lifetime dilemma? Here are some tips to follow for your dental hygiene and make your truly Merry Christmas!

Time is the key

Sugar staying for a long period may cause cavities. While you’re visiting your family or friends during Christmas, carry your toothbrush. Therefore, this will help bacteria wash out as you brush the teeth from time to time.

Your old toothbrush

Make it a practice to replace the toothbrush every four to five months. A worn-out toothbrush can be harsh to your teeth and it does not clean the way it used to when it was new.

Do not forget to floss your teeth

Sugary snacks or sticky candies may remain in your teeth, leading to decay.  Your regular toothbrush cannot reach the gaps. Hence you should make it a practice to daily floss your teeth.

Drink ample water

Water is life. Not only for your body but also for your teeth. It will wash off sugars and other nasties that you eat or drink during Christmas.

Chew food for a healthy mouth and save your teeth

Don’t forget about the food which improves dental hygiene. Foods such as broccoli, tofu, almonds fish, eggs, nuts, capsicum, kale, cucumbers, carrots are the lifesavers for your teeth.

Eat everything in Moderation to save your teeth

You don’t have to completely stay away from Christmas snacks. It is obvious to be tempted to such foods. And we know it’s Christmas. So you can have those. But, in moderation!

Your teeth aren’t a bottle opener

Never open your beer or soda bottle with your teeth. This can cause pain for a lifetime. So remember, your teeth are not so strong that it can perform any stunts.

Hence, you follow these tips you will enjoy your holiday season without worrying about your dental health. Merry Christmas!

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