Laughter Yoga – Laugh out loud and stay charged

May 5, 2019

We live a very busy and stressful life. We always find time to reduce our stress and spare some for ourselves. Watching comedy shows on T.V or Netflix acts like a stressbuster. Leaving time for friends and giggling over a few jokes also helps us to forget our stress and makes us feel lively.

But what if you laugh every day as an exercise, how fun will it be! So, let’s have a sneak peek about how laughing for no reason will keep boosted and charged every day.

About laughter day

Laughter day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of May. This was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai in the year 1998. Laughter Yoga is done as an exercise routine.

Dr. Kataria wrote the book “Laugh for No Reason” in 2002 which mentions about his practice.

Laughter is said as the only emotion that has all the contents required to change the world as a happy place.

The concept behind celebrating “World Laughter Day” is a positive manifestation for world peace and is incorporated to build a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship.


A research was conducted on 50 subjects who had a depressive disorder. It was a four-week session where these subjects were given laughter yoga sessions and talk therapy. The research showed that subjects with laughter plus talk therapy showed a decrease in their symptoms and depressive behavior.

The subjects who were given talk therapy too showed a slight decrease in their symptoms but not as effective as the laughter therapy patients.

After 3 months without laughter yoga sessions, the group reported that their depressive symptoms were returning.

The concept of laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga is basically a practice which involves prolonged voluntary laughter. It is performed without any humorous reason to laugh.

The laughter yoga sessions may start with a gentle warm-up technique which includes stretching, clapping, eye contact, interacting with each other and different body movements. This practice helps to break the inhibitions and motivates a sense of playfulness.

Laughter yoga also involves some breathing exercises which helps the lungs prepare for laughter.

Benefits of laughter yoga

Like every other exercise, laughter yoga has a number of health benefits. Practicing laughter yoga regularly helps the individual to improve their body and mind.

1. Increases blood oxygenation

The intense activity of laughter stimulates an increase in the blood-oxygen flow to the brain. The supply of an ample amount of oxygen to the brain promotes healthier brain function.

2. Improves your mood

Studies have shown that a simple act of smiling and laughing changes your depressive mood into a happy one. Laughing for 10 minutes daily helps you to forget all your stress/sorrows and helps to become more productive and active.

3. Boost immune system

If laughter is considered as a part of your daily routine, it can stimulate cells to develop at a faster rate by changing the body’s chemistry through hormonal shifts. Studies have proven that the efficiency of T-cells is increased in an individual who regularly practice laughter yoga.

4. Reduce obesity

If we consider laughter therapy as a regular exercise, you will certainly shed some pounds. A study has shown that laughing for 10 minutes every day helps to shed 40 calories. So, laugh out loud and trim your waistline.

5. Laughter yoga makes you a better person

Laughter is an exercise that is fun if done in a group. The interaction with your friends, seeing others laughing will help you to giggle for some time.

Laughter is contiguous. If one person starts laughing, others definitely fall into it. So, laugh out loud and be healthier, fitter and happier.

Share your laughing experiences in the comment box below.

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