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Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

February 6, 2021

Healthy gums for a healthy body. Thats right. Studies have shown gum health is directly related to your overall health. The health of your gums is a reflection of the health of your body. A sick body will generally show signs in the mouth. Similarly, if your gums are inflamed or irritated in any way, it will start to affect your body too! It is, thus, very important to prioritize your oral health. Here are some tips for healthy gums that you should be following.

Oral Hygiene – Your main Priority

It’s simple. Good oral hygiene equates healthy gums! Brush your teeth with the right technique twice a day and remember not to brush your teeth too aggressively. Floss at least once a day, remember to clean your tongue, and always finish with a mouthwash suitable for you. Maintaining your oral hygiene doesn’t even take that much time! If you invest a few minutes of your time on your oral health every day, you will be rewarded with perfect, healthy gums and teeth!

Unhealthy gums react in the form of bleeding even with the slightest of irritation. Bleeding gums call in for a teeth cleaning. Don’t believe those myths about teeth cleaning, instead get it done by your dentist every 6 months to keep your gums healthy and teeth healthier.

Look out for these nutrients!


Your gums crave nutrients. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C helps keep your gums healthy and strong! You can also try drinking a glass of amla juice or amla water for healthy gums. Studies have shown that amla makes your gums stronger, reduces bleeding and has antimicrobial properties. Other foods for are neem extract, tea tree oil and calcium-rich foods. Look out for these ingredients the next time you buy an oral hygiene product like toothpaste or mouthwash! 

Just Say No- Your body will thank you


Quitting smoking, drugs or any deleterious habit may be hard—but it’s definitely worth it. Smoking is really bad for your lungs and your mouth. Apart from causing tobacco-related cancers of the mouth, smoking increases your chances of developing severe gum disease. It also makes sure that gum disease progresses very fast! Say no to smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form. This will ensure that you have healthy gums.

Toothpicks and other sharp objects are a No-No

Toothpicks and other sharp objects to remove the food that is stuck between your teeth can cause cuts in your mouths—taking you farther away from healthy gums. These cuts may get infected and cause inflammation of the gums. Toothpicks may also contribute to increased spacing between your teeth, causing inflammation of the gums. Toothpicks are a gamble and not conducive to healthy gums—best to just stay away! Replace toothpicks with floss picks and make sure you don’t put any sharp objects in your mouth. 

Gum massage for healthy gums

Its a common misunderstanding that gums become weak with age. Your gums will continue to be strong if you take care of them. Your gums also need some attention just as you give your teeth. People above 40 years of age can massage their gums regularly with gum astringent prescribed by your dentist or with a simple home remedies.

A mixture of turmeric +honey +ghee can be applied with your fingers and gently massage your gums. This home remedy for gum massage helps you keep your gums strong and healthy.

Visit your dentist on time!


Your dentist will be your trusted partner in your oral health journey. Make sure you book appointments with your dentist every 6 months, and whenever you feel you have an oral health issue. Getting regular teeth cleanings done is the best way to guarantee that you won’t get gum disease– having a good oral hygiene routine for healthy gums is in your hand!

Healthy gums are easy to achieve, and look and feel great. It mean’s that bacteria haven’t set up shop in between your teeth with easy access to the rest of your body! You also end up smiling more when you have healthy teeth and healthy gums—and isn’t happiness and laughter the best reason to do something?


  • Healthy gums signify a healthy body—and vice versa.
  • Stay on top of your oral hygiene routine for healthy gums and teeth!
  • Eat Vitamin C-rich foods and look out for neem extract, tea tree oil or calcium in your toothpaste or mouthwash
  • Say no to smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form. This will ensure that you have healthy gums
  • Toothpicks are a gamble and not conducive to healthy gums—best to just stay away!
  • The key to healthy gums is visiting your dentist every 6 months for a teeth cleaning.
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  1. Ishan Singh

    Should I visit a kids dentist in greater noida if my child’s Gums are not healthy ? Before going to dentist, I will keep the above insights to maintain his Gums properly.

  2. DentalSave

    Interesting information over here.
    Totally agree with you, Flossing eliminates food and plaque from between the teeth and gums. On the off chance that the food and plaque stay there, this can prompt tartar, which is a hard development of microbes that solitary a dental specialist can eliminate. Tartar can prompt gum illness.

  3. Dr. Stephanie Kinsey

    I enjoyed reading the article above, which is an informative, effective piece about Keeping your gums healthy. Thank you and good luck with future assignments.


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