Gummy Smile? Sculpt your gums to get that stunning smile

Written by Dr. Apurva Chavan

October 2, 2020

Don’t you want that perfect photograph –with a gorgeous background and a dazzling smile- to put as your display picture on your favorite social media site? But is your ‘gummy smile’ holding you back ? Do you feel that your gums take up most of your smile instead of your teeth? Well here is some good news for you – your gums can be reshaped and sculpted to help you get that photogenic smile.

Do your gums overpower your teeth when you smile?

A gummy smile is a smile in which your gums are largely visible while smiling. Smaller teeth usually cause gums to look big. The position of your lips and their activity levels also play an important role in the amount of gum exposure. Uneven gum margins also spoil the look of your smile. All these things can be corrected with gum sculpting. 

How can you get rid of that gummy smile?

It is a minor surgical process performed by your dentist under local anesthesia. A small part of your gums is cut away to leave you with even well-sized gums. You do not feel any pain during the surgery as a localized numbing agent is used. After the surgery, some amount of discomfort is present which is easily taken care of with painkillers.

How long will I take to recover?

Your total recovery time extends from a few days to a few weeks depending on what method of surgery you choose. Traditionally the gums are cut with a scalpel and require sutures and longer recovery time. Lasers are the new method of reshaping your gums. They are less invasive, cause minimal bleeding, and have a shorter recovery time. Both give excellent results.  

Will I have any dietary restrictions?

Hard crispy things like chips, nachos, or even popcorn that can poke your gums are to be avoided. Spicy and overtly oil foods are also no during the recovery period. You can have soft food like yogurt, rice, porridges, and everyone’s favorite ice-cream.

Why gum sculpting isn’t for everyone

Your smile is unique and so are your gums.  A beautiful smile requires not just healthy teeth but healthy gums as well. Smokers, tobacco chewers, patients with uncontrolled diabetes, or patients with existing periodontal diseases cannot go for gum sculpting. Compromised periodontium will not be able to sustain the sculpting.

So have word with your dentist to make sure that you are a good fit for this procedure. Sometimes, if your case requires it your dentist may suggest getting a botox shot to reduce your lip activity level or veneers to lengthen your teeth to help you get the maximum benefit of the gum sculpting.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year to get your scaling and polishing done to maintain healthy gum. Brush twice a day and floss regularly to maintain that winning smile.

What is your Oral Type?

Everybody has a different oral type.

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