Planning to get pregnant? Get a pre-pregnancy dental checkup

Making a baby is a lot of fun, but pregnancy is no piece of cake. Creating and nurturing a baby takes a toll on all of a women’s bodily systems. Therefore, making sure that all your systems are running smoothly not just during, but before your pregnancy is very important.

Your pregnancy affects your mouth and your mouth affects your pregnancy. Hormonal changes coupled with poor oral health can wreak a havoc in your pregnancy. So getting a dental check-up before planning your pregnancy is a must.

Why to get a pre-pregnancy dental check up?

A healthy, stress free mother is the most important thing for prenatal baby. Dental pain and discomfort will put not just the mother but even the baby in stress. Dental problems cause incomplete chewing, leading to poor nutrition. Also if you happen to experience any dental emergency like dental pain in the 1st or the 3rd trimester This is why pre – conception dental check-ups are important.

Dental X- rays during pregnancy


Even low doses of the dental x rays can be harmful for certain susceptible babies. So it is best to get all your dental x-rays and required procedures done before your pregnancy.

Cavities, especially, the deep ones, get aggravated during pregnancy. This causes pain and adds to your sleepless nights. There are limitations to the procedures that your dentist can perform during pregnancy, so best to get all your root canal procedures and fillings done before your pregnancy meter starts ticking.

Bleeding and swollen gums are the most common complaint of pregnant ladies, thanks to the hormonal changes. A deep scaling pre-conception will reduce your gum problems and avoid gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can develop into serious a gum condition like periodontitis, which is linked with a pregnancy complications, such as, preeclampsia, premature labor and gestational diabetes.

Prevention is better than cure

The age old saying rings true when it comes to pregnancy and teeth. So use the golden dental triad of brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing floss and cleaning your tongue to maintain good oral hygiene before and during your pregnancy. This will keep dental problems, unwanted expenses and stress at bay.

So if you are planning on getting pregnant, stop procrastinating and start dialing your dentist. Secure your and your baby’s dental health without further delay.


  • Get a dental checkup before planning your pregnancy to avoid any dental emergencies.
  • No major dental treatments can be done during the first and third trimester.
  • X-ray radiations are harmful during the pregnancy phase.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene before, during and after pregnancy.

What is your Oral Type?

Everybody has a different oral type.

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