Cheapest Dental Treatment? It Starts With You!


Written by Dr. Qamri

January 4, 2021

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, staying on that path is affecting their wallets too. Everyone wants to save that extra buck, whether its for a consult or a procedure. Many patients, especially in India expect their dentists to give discounts on their dental treatment bills, which can prove to be rather irksome for the operator. So, what can you, as a patient do to avoid those sky-rocketing bills? Well, here are some ways to reduce those dental treatment charges:

Pay Attention!

The best way to avoid expensive dental treatment is by paying more attention to cleaning your teeth effectively. Sure, it sounds like a cliché, however it is the most under-rated and the cheapest way to get onto to the path of good oral hygiene. Learning to brush correctly, using the right type of toothbrush, rinsing and flossing after every meal from the holy grail of dental hygiene. Another important and overlook habit is using a water flosser. A water flosser cleans out every surface of your teeth and makes for a good investment.

Visit your dentist more often! 


As ironic as it may sound, visiting your dentist more often will actually help you retain your hard-earned money. Have the discipline to visit your dentist every 6 months whether or not you think you need a dental treatment. It is imperative to understand that early intervention is the most cost-effective way to approach a dental issue. Your regular visits will ensure that any disease, if present, can be caught early and be dealt with. The more severe the progression, the more it costs to fix it.

Other than your 6 monthly check-ups, visit your dentist at the earliest sign of any discomfort. For example, have you ever felt pain when you chew onto something hard like an almond or a frozen chocolate bar? Or have you felt that sharp shooting sensation on eating something sweet or cold? Well these are some of the scenarios that call for a visit to the dentist! 

Eat Better!


Its no secret that a healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. The same rule applies to our teeth. A good diet that is packed with high fiber, nutrients and low sugar goes a long way to ensure the cost of dental treatments remain low. So next time you want to binge, switch those fries for carrots and chocolates for fruits! 

Contrary to the popular belief, it is not the amount of sugar but the frequency of sugar that we intake, that affects our teeth. Our mouths are designed in a way that whenever we eat, the pH levels become acidic, that is then neutralized by the saliva. However, this neutralizing process takes time, so it is important to reduce the frequency of snacking, so the cycle is not constantly disrupted. 

What is your Oral Type?

Everybody has a different oral type.

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  1. Anthony Mony

    Very beautifully written. Thank you very much for the initiative taken for making dental hygiene as one of the important aspects of healthy living

  2. Vivek Sawhney

    Great thoughts, positive attitude & good guidance by a young upcoming doctor.
    Congratulations Dr Qamri.👍

  3. Razia

    Very useful information 👏👏👏👏


      Most of us would know these facts , but this well written and well articulated article reminded us of them once again
      Thank you doctor.

  4. Anil Misra

    Though oral health is very important but more important is a Doctor like Dr.Qamri.A gentle and balanced hand under the guidance of her mentor does a great job.


    Most of us would know these facts , but this well written and well articulated article reminded us of them once again
    Thank you doctor.

  6. Farida shk Moizbhai Arsiwala

    very informative thanks


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