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Everybody has a unique smile.
And every unique smile needs unique set of oral care products. Which oral care kit is the best kit for you?


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How will DD Help you?

Prevalence rates for dental issues are as high as 75%. Meaning, 3 out 4 Indians have some form of dental issue.
Bulk of managing our Oral health is managing our habits & preventive care.

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Track your daily, weekly & monthly habits which positively or negatively affect your oral health.

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Opt for timely hygiene routines with dentist partners to proactively avoid any major treatment.

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All treatment options will always be accessible as emergencies can some times be unavoidable.

Custom Oral Care Kits

Custom Oral Care Kits
Based on your Oral type

Gone are the days where all of us in the family used the same toothpaste.

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How can you start your journey right away?

Thorough oral checkup from the comfort of your home!

Step 1

Thorough oral checkup from the comfort of your home!

Get Free Audio or Video Consultation

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Get Free Audio or Video Consultation

Personalized habit tracker fro your oral care routine

Step 3

Personalized habit tracker for your oral care routine

personalized oral care product selection

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personalized oral care product selection

And you know what?

How can you start your journey right away?

Wouldn’t all of us be as rich as Elon Musk, if we had a dollar for every time someone told us to brush twice or floss our teeth every night?

Well, that is exactly what we are going to do.

Now you can earn money by brushing your teeth, and going for a gum massage!

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What are DD Coins?

DD Coins have been launched precisely to provide a financial incentive for us to take care of our health better.
Let’s bring in all our friends & help each other Protect our Smile.

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We are supported by the largest exclusive network in India of dental partner clinics

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We have more than 200 exclusive DentalDost partner clinics across the country to help you out with any at clinic interventions.

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These partners have been carefully selected to provide the best quality of care that your smile deserves!

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You can blindly trust any DentalDost partner irrespective of which part of the country you are in

We are supported by the largest exclusive network in India of dental partner clinics

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Ohh! We completely forgot to tell you

All payment options

All payment options

BNPL schemes

BNPL schemes

No cost EMI's

No cost EMI's

You have no reason not to take care of that beautiful smile now. 🙂

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Knowledge Center

Which is better tooth extraction or root canal

While there's no doubt that extraction can be a less expensive option than root canal therapy, it's not always the best treatment. So if you're faced with a decision between tooth extraction or root canal, here are some things to keep in mind: When is tooth extraction...

What Causes White Spots Teeth?

You look down at your teeth and see a whitish spot. You can’t brush it away, and it seems to appear out of nowhere. What has happened to you? Do you have an infection? Is this tooth going to fall out? Let’s find out what causes white spots on teeth. Enamel defects...

Alternative options to clear aligners

As we age, our bodies change. We require clothes that fit better than before. Your mouth is no exception to this. Though your teeth do not grow, once they erupt, they cause several changes in your mouth. This can cause your teeth to go out of alignment and appear...

Reasons why clear aligners fail

The other day when I was shopping in a mall, I came across a body shop store. There the shopkeeper almost convinced me to buy a salicylic acid serum for my pimples. However, when I got home and started using it, I got no results except for some more pimples on my...

How are clear aligners made?

Suppressing one's smile is a way of life for some people. Even if they do smile, they typically do all they can to keep their lips together and keep their teeth hidden. According to ADA, 25% of people resist smiling due to the condition of their teeth. If you are...

Maligned mouth- Why are your teeth out of alignment?

If a few teeth in your mouth seem to be out of alignment you have a maligned mouth. Ideally, teeth should fit in your mouth. Your upper jaw should rest on the lower jaw while leaving no gaps or overcrowding in between the teeth. At times, when people suffer from...

Bleeding mouth – What can go wrong?

Everyone has had the experience of tasting blood in their mouth. No, this isn’t a post for vampires. It’s for all of you who have ever rinsed your mouth after brushing your teeth and been horrified at flecks of blood in the bowl. Sound familiar? You should not be...

Why do your teeth become cavity-prone?

Dental Decay/ Caries/ Cavities all mean the same thing. It is a result of the bacterial attack on your teeth, which compromise their structure, eventually resulting in loss if left untreated. Unlike most other body parts, the teeth, much like the nervous system, lack...

Can dry mouth invite more problems?

A dry mouth occurs when you don’t have enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay and gum diseases by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth, and washing away food particles. Globally, About 10% of the general...

Sensitive mouth: everything you need to know about teeth sensitivity

You might be wondering if you’re the only one suffering or is it normal to experience teeth sensitivity? Sensitivity can be experienced while having anything that is hot, cold, sweet, or even when you breathe in from your mouth. Not all sensitivity problems need...

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