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    DentalDost is a faster, more affordable, and more reliable way of taking care of your oral health, as you can carry a dental expert in your pocket through our app and helpline!




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    We’re a team of oral wellness experts backed by a group of technocrats. And we’re dedicated to changing and improving the oral healthcare ecosystem in India from a 360° perspective.

    We believe by helping people change their bad habits and inculcating good habits, we can not only detect early signs of tooth decay, but also give patients a better prognosis. 

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    Benefits of gum massage – avoid tooth extraction

    Benefits of gum massage – avoid tooth extraction

    You may have heard of body massage, head massage, foot massage, and so on. But gum massage? It may sound weird to you as most people are unaware of the concept of gum massage and its benefits. There are so many of us who hate going to the dentist, don’t we? Especially...

    Gum contouring could prevent tooth extraction

    Gum contouring could prevent tooth extraction

    Have you come across anyone who got their teeth extracted even if their teeth are healthy? Why would a dentist do that? Well, yes! At times your dentist decides to get your tooth extracted even if there isn’t any decay present. But Why so? Your dentist plans on...

    Pit and fissure sealants could save root canal treatment

    Pit and fissure sealants could save root canal treatment

    Root canal treatments are one of those nightmares often feared the most. Going to the dentist can be scary, but root canal treatments are particularly frightening. Most people are victims to dental phobia even with the thought of root canals, isn’t it? Due to this,...


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