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Protecting your oral health costs less than Rs 7/day

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Dentaldost protection plans

How will DD help you?

Prevalence rates for dental issues are as high as 75%. Meaning, 3 out 4 Indians have some form of dental issue.
Bulk of managing our Oral health is managing our habits & preventive care.

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Track your daily, weekly & monthly habits which positively or negatively affect your oral health.

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Opt for timely hygiene routines with dentist partners to proactively avoid any major treatment.

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All treatment options will always be accessible as emergencies can some times be unavoidable.

Custom Oral Care Kits

Custom Oral Care Kits
Based on your Oral type

Gone are the days where all of us in the family used the same toothpaste.

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Scan your mouth

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Get Consultation & Free Report

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Buy Dentist recommended oral care kit for you

How can you start your journey right away?

Thorough oral checkup from the comfort of your home!

Step 1

Thorough oral checkup from the comfort of your home!

Get Free Audio or Video Consultation

Step 2

Get Free Audio or Video Consultation

Personalized habit tracker fro your oral care routine

Step 3

Personalized habit tracker for your oral care routine

personalized oral care product selection

Step 4

Personalized oral care product selection

And you know what?

How can you start your journey right away?

Wouldn’t all of us be as rich as Elon Musk, if we had a dollar for every time someone told us to brush twice or floss our teeth every night?

Well, that is exactly what we are going to do.

Now you can earn money by brushing your teeth, and going for a gum massage!

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What are DD Coins?

DD Coins have been launched precisely to provide a financial incentive for us to take care of our health better.
Let’s bring in all our friends & help each other Protect our Smile.

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We are supported by the largest exclusive network in India of dental partner clinics

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We have more than 200 exclusive DentalDost partner clinics across the country to help you out with any at clinic interventions.

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These partners have been carefully selected to provide the best quality of care that your smile deserves!

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You can blindly trust any DentalDost partner irrespective of which part of the country you are in


Oral Health Coach

Scaling & Polishing

Exclusive Treatment Offers

Tele/Video consultation

Oral Care Kit

Habit Tracker


Disease Progression & Prediction
















Please Select A Plan To Continue!

Please Select A Plan To Continue!

Are you ready

to take full charge

of your Oral Health?

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Ohh! We completely forgot to tell you

All payment options

All payment options

BNPL schemes

BNPL schemes

No cost EMI's

No cost EMI's

You have no reason not to take care of that beautiful smile now. 🙂

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